The Perils of shopping

Last week, I had a short list of items I needed from a drugstore. After visiting three chain drugstores, I still hadn't gotten everything on my list. A visit to a 4th today and I was still in need of the one item. I know that if I go to a "mom and pop" drugstore, I won't find all on my list either. Some communities are wary that big box or chain stores are killing the small and local shops. If you ask me, the internet is killing all brick and motor stores. I had an item to order on Amazon today, so I searched and added that one lone item no drugstore had and in a few days it should be on my doorstep. The internet is one-stop shopping with out the hassle of searching multiple stores for what you need. I am a fan of Amazon and brick and mortar stores, but worry that one day all that will be left is connivence stores and smoke shops.