It’s 9 am, what have you done today?

So far on this rainy Saturday morning in NYC, I have done

1. Vegetable shopping with a friend, a Saturday morning ritual that includes a Chinese breakfast.

2. Made pancakes for Sylvie and her friend, Ella, who spent the night and set the table for breakfast.

3. Folded and put away a small load of whites that included a queen size set of sheets (I would like to note that I detest folding fitted sheets).

4. Hung-up a clean load of delicate laundry making multiple trips between my bedroom and closet (which is in my home office).

i know what some of you are thinking, that it is Shabbat and “work” isn’t allowed. The quiet of the morning with the girls still sleeping and nothing pressing on my mind was the perfect time to tackle these tasks that hadn’t gotten done during the week. Now Shabbat begins, with s cup of Caffix, the newspaper and the December issue of Yoga Journal (Thanks, Brian, for a gift subscription).