Where is my ROI?

As most of us know, ROI stands for return on investment. For a coupe of yeas now, I have written a monthly newsletter. In the beginning, I looked forward to doing the research and writing the article. These days, not so much. As a result, my newsletter is more sporadic then monthly. Why? Because of ROI. The program that I use to generate my newsletter shows me analytics such as click throughs. That is the number of people that actually open and read my newsletter. Since I know my mom reads it, I always minus 1 from this number. The number is paltry. Recently I sent a segment of my mailing list a special offer. I got click throughs, but no action (meaning no one took me up on the special offer). I have been told time and again that a newsletter is vital to a small service based business like mine. However, I am beginning to wonder if this is true. It is not that I don't see value in a newsletter; it is that I don't see ROI. Maybe I should switch to seasonal newsletter. I could write articles on creating play stations for indoor activity during the winter or how to manage your time in the summer for maximum time outside with out burring in the sun. On our travel for spring break last week, I tanned in some places and burned in others. Luckily my burn scar did nothing. So maybe a spring article on how to be productive on vacation.