There goes the the neighborhood, opps, I meant refrigerator

Yesterday I found out that I have intolerances to yeast, dairy and eggs. It is not that ate these a lot, but they are in some of my favorite foods, like mac n' cheese, tuna melts and brownies to name a few. Yes, I am taking this hard. Why? Because I love to cook and thought of cheese as a condiment or spice. Because home made mac n' cheese and brownies from scratch are two of my specialties. Because I am a New Yorker and like a good slice of pizza (tomatoes are out too). Tomorrow I am starting a 30-day nutritional cleanse to clean out my body. I am on a new food eating journey. "Wealth of Health", I'll call it. Add it my fitness regimen and I am on track for a "wealth of health." So, check back every few days to hear more about my journey. Wish me luck as I give up Eggs Benedict and Creme Brûlée (which I know how to make)!