Starbucks impressed

This afternoon while Sylvie was with her dad, I took the opportunity to run errands and get some work done on my laptop at a Starbucks. When I got to the cashier, I checked my watch. He asked if my watch talked to me. I have a FitBit. I replied, "No. An Apple watch can give you reminders." Then I ordered a grande iced unsweet green tea. I told him I checked my watch to see how much time I had before I need to head home because this determined the size drink I ordered. He gave a thumbs up. As a time management and personal productivity coach, planning is my middle name. As you all know by now, I am on a 30-day cleanse. Well, there have been some cheats (can anyone else say "Cinquo de Mayo"). Since I start a two day deep cleanse tomorrow, I made sure today to stick to the plan so as to be primed and ready for my deep cleansing The last two day deep cleanse left my pants fitting better. May be this time, they'll be falling off (hopefully not on the street).