I am still learning from my mother

Over the weekend, I had lunch at my mother's. Not a momentous accession considering that she lives 20 minutes from me, by public transit. However, momentous in the conversation we had. My mother mentioned that she added 3 minutes of mediation (using an app) to her morning routine. Wow, my mother has a morning routine and it includes exercise, taking her medicines and getting dressed. I aspire to have a morning routine and hope to still have it when I am mother's age. Even though my mother still works (Go, Mom!), she has flexible hours as long as the works get done, so she can take time in the morning for a routine. I have tried for the past week or so to say my prayers, to do two sun salutations and some ab exercises every morning. Easier said then done! Then, my friend Marie popped into my head. In her bullet journal she keeps track of the books she reads by writing down the titles, trracks the days she exercises and the days she cleanses. This got me thinking that my 5-7minute routine would get more "routine" if I tracked it. So now my calendar will say 2SS at the top of every day, hopefully. Wish me luck— I have a 12 y.o. that needs to get to day camp every day by 8 AM.