An interesting question

When I attended yoga the other day, I commented before class that my daughter is real teenager. My daughter is 12.5 y.o. going on 16. My yoga instructor asked me if we like each other. I replied, "for the most part." Most people ask how things are going, what is Sylvie doing or have you gone crazy yet? So, the question my yoga teacher asked caught me off guard. I don't remember disliking my mom or my father when I was teenager. Then an old family friend pointed out to me that I was an anomaly in this sense. Ok, so on some level my daughter is not to supposed to like me. I guess this makes it easier to transition from being a kid that needs her mom, to an independent, responsible teen who can handle herself. I know deep down that my daughter loves me and like me will always call on her mom when she needs me (Thanks, mom!). So based on article I read recently on forgiveness, I say to my daughter:

I forgive you for arguing with me. I hope you forgive me for always wanting to get the last word. Thank you for being you. I love you and always will.