Shhh...It's a surprise

Lately when my daughter talks about plans, she talks about parents surprising their child or children with plans. She had plans to meet a friend. The friend canceled two days before because the mother mentioned a friend was coming to visit. A friend of my daughter's had plans with a boy, who canceled the day before because he found out he had a family occasion. Are these really surprises?! My daughter and I have a weekly calendar meeting to make sure we each know what is going on in the other's life. My daughter makes her own plans, even plans to see her dad. With cellphones and social media most kids make their own plans. My generation had a telephone and the school day to make plans. And we certainly wouldn't make plans without asking our parents first (Take a hint, Sylvie). The side benefit to our weekly calendar meeting is that I can meal plan better and have less wasted food. Parents, may I have a word with you: a weekly calendar meeting keeps open the lines of communication especially as your kids become teenagers and parents are the so-called enemies. As for my daughter's friend, my daughter suggested that she think about being with this boy (they are only 12 y.o.), even though it was his parents fault he cancelled plans.