"A change is gonna come...."

Part of my business is coaching people through change and getting them to accept it. To start with they have to want to change. As I always say, "You can't change a person unless they want to change him/herself first." In my last post I asked "Where is my spine?" and figured out to write letters to handle difficult conversations. The first letter was well taken by the recipient. The problem today is not my spine, it is the other person's. How can I help someone to see that change is good and in the case of one friend, will improve his health. Last week I attended a yoga class I hadn't been to in some time. A fellow yogi said that if he knew I was returning to class he would have saved my usual spot, which was taken. I told him not to worry and he made a comment about the world coming to an end. I replied, "Change is good." The question becomes, how do I get others to believe this. As to my friend, I pray that G-d helps him find a path to being physically healthy.