what was I thinking?

I mulled through my head different titles for this blog like "I beat the yard for now", "My weekend exercise, no gym needed" and "Practice what I preach." You can see the one I choose. According to my research one should reseed their lawn over Labor Day weekend, if they live in the Northeast. Since I wasn't headed out of town this weekend, I made the yard my project.  My original idea was to dig up the weedy areas all at once. I am always telling my daughter and my clients to break big projects into small bite size pieces. Due to rain, I was forced to this and am glad that I did. What was I thinking that I could dig up my small lawn all at once? I should have practiced what I preach. Now the weedy areas are dug up and the lime sprinkled down. Later today and tomorrow commences phase 2β€”to put down topsoil, the grass seed and water. Hopefully in a few weeks, I will have a new lawn and the ability to celebrate my victory over dead sod and lawn full of weeds. With all the movement and sweat, I got in a good workout with no gym needed. The end of summer has proven productive for me and my yard and its in own way relaxing.