Where is my spine?

My Chiropractor, Dr. Lara and my massage therapist, Allyn, could put their hands right on it. Only I am referring to the metaphorical spine. The spine needed to have important and possibly difficult conversations. Several of these types of conversations need to happen and yet I can't find my spine. It is more likely that I don't wish to or choose not to find my spine. Most of us would rather pass a kidney stone or have a tooth pulled then have a difficult conversation. So how do I make these conversations happen? Yes, I could send an email, but that seems so impersonal to me. My daughter the other day told me to make money as a writer, since I like to write (she is unaware that making it as writer is a kin to winning the lottery). There is my answer: Write. Write what I want to say, maybe in a letter format. Then get some spine and read the letter or use it as starting point for a conversation. Or I could continue to let my spine hide and just hand the person the letter and let the conversation start when they reposed. Hmmmm, what to do? To spine or not to spine, that is the question?