Behind the times...

So I set an intention to clean my home office for 10-minutes a day for 31 days, and already I have missed one day. So the question becomes—should I do 20-minutes one day or add a day at the end or let it go. Looking at the pile of paper at the side of my desk, I have a feeling the answer is add a day, simply because I made need it. Can I tame my 3-drawer file cabinet within the 31 days considering that pile of papers I was just referring to eventually needs to land in the file cabinet? This begs the bigger picture....Do you stay up to check one last task off your daily list or do you hit the hay to wake-up refreshed from a full night's sleep. My answer would always be get the sleep, simply because I love sleep. If sleeping were a paid job I would be the ideal candidate (my whole family can vouch for this). But it is not. The answer seems simple, but it lies in prioritizing your daily task list into three categories.

1. Must be done today

2. Can be done tomorrow

3. Put in a folder and look at the folder on a rainy day

So to answer my original question, only time will tell if the lost 10-minutes of organization impedes my 31-day office organization intention. At least, I have my priorities right—the office needs to be organized (and no it can't wait for a rainy day).