A needle in a haystack

Ok, I have been on a tear looking for a my small red card case that holds my museum membership cards. In my effort to find it (still, haven't) I have been going through bags and piles of paper. I just have one question. Why is it that when I sort paper, the paper I intend to keep forms a new pile? Most of the paper I have decided to keep landed in folders that are now stacked on my office floor. The answer to my question is simple. My file cabinets are in disarray. I am thinking that before I sort more paper, I need to get my file drawers in order first. However, sorting papers feels more rewarding then I see cleaning up file drawers to be. In fact, the thought of cleaning my file drawers is making my stomach turn. I have a mouse or mice in my kitchen and I guess I am afraid of finding a dead one amongst the papers. Well, I am not smelling rotting flesh, so I guess I have to face my fear and clean the drawers. Wish me luck (there might be a dead roach amongst the papers).