I declare W-A-R

Ok, we've got mice. Janet, from Slope Pests, has come to put out poison and traps. They are working. I know, since I have found a couple of dead mice. I can deal with a chewed through bad of rice cakes. It's replaceable. Chewed through tea boxes, replaceable. Even nuts and banana chips are replaceable. A hole is my kitchen dish rag. Now I am mad and this is war. Mice be warned my attack dog (if only Marco was) will hunt you down, chew you up and spit you out (figuratively) by 9 AM. You might say a dish rag is replaceable too. However, chewed up rice cakes, tea, etc. can be composted.  An old dirty and wet (I was using the rag at my sink) dish rag is just waste. Pure and simple waste and I hate wasting things, especially since the rag had many more times to be used. Before you ask, I do have two other dish rags. So I ask, "Why put them out if they could be dinner for a mouse?." It's a principle thing. The stuffed animal mouse I had as a kid was cute. The dead and living mice in my house are not and so I want them all gone and now!