The peril of organization: Clutter

Ok, so I have been on a tear to organize my home office. Some days, I don't get in the 10 minutes that I am supposed to do. Well, like yesterday, I watched the Super Bowl and then needed to help my daughter finish a homework assignment she had left to the last minute (I think G-d gave me a procrastinator for my child just to have some laughs). On a more serious note, why is that after you organize, everything clutters-up almost immediately? You can't tell that I cleaned my desk thoroughly last week. The bookshelf still looks good, but not quite as neat. My daughter has been getting things from the shelves and not being as neat about it like most teenagers. This begs the question: Why organize at all? Simple answer, so you know what you have and don't have. Even if my bookshelf isn't as neat as the day I organized it, I now know what office supplies I need and just how many brand new pencils I have from years of buying school supplies (no need to buy more for 8th grade). Well, It's time to hit the next bookshelf and make up for lost organization time. Since this bookshelf contains my cookbooks and antique cookbook collection I hope that I remember to organize and not idle away the time reading the recipes.