Peanut Butter Detox

The other week I realized I was eating way too many spoonfuls of peanut butter. One spoonful quickly became 3 each time. I put myself on a Peanut Butter detox, so no more spoonfuls or even licking the knife after I make my daughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her school lunch.   I surprised myself by being able to stick to it and not have any peanut butter this week. So, I go to thinking, "Is there anything else I can detox?" The first thing that popped into my mind was YouTube. My 15 minute break turns into 45 minutes watching talent show auditions (Have you seen the one of the formerly paralyzed singer?) or clips of 80s or 90s shows (Like when Alex P. Keaton declares love for Ellen, his polar opposite). And no I didn't have a crush of Michael J. Fox when he was on Family Ties. I have a problem with a YouTube detox. The weekly networking group I belong to gives you credit for watching their videos. Could I successfully watch only their videos on YouTube? Probably not. This means that I will have to stick to reading their blog or other articles to get continuing education credit. It occurred to me today that I have been on a TV detox ever since the TV was unplugged when we had built-ins installed. It has yet to be put back or replaced. If I can do a TV detox, than I can do a YouTube detox. But just in case, wish me luck.