Wax eyebrows?

Yesterday I got a mani/pedi. The owner of the place asked if I did my eyebrows and I said no. To be honest I waxed my eyebrows once many years ago and broke out in a rash on my forehead, so I never did it again. A friends recommended Eyebrow Threading and nope to that too. In fact since Sylvie's Bat Mitzvah is Sunday, I told my self I would do white strips for two weeks prior. Then it became one week prior and then not at all. I thought about this when I woke up this morning. In today's world, teenage girls are bombarded on TV, computer, social media and even printed magazines with models with perfect skin, long luscious locks and toned bodies. And while Sylvie may go through a phase of wanting her curly hair to be straight (luscious locks), I can model loving your body as it is for her. This way when the phase is over, she too will have a love hate relationship with her curly hair like I do and she will love her body as it is. As a mother this is one of the best things I can teach her, just the way my mother taught me. 

(P.S. My mother had a phase where she wanted curly hair and got her short hair permed. She got over it quickly and left her hair alone after that. Thank goodness!)