24/7 Email?

Long before email, if you needed something soon but not asap, you called the person and asked for it. Then came email. Suddenly, we could ask for something to be done soon, ASAP or even "yesterday." Our computer screen pings to say "new mail arrived" and we answer it like hungry wolves devouring their prey. Here in lies my problem. I am not a 24/7 email person. In fact, in honor of Shabbat, I don't check email on Saturday. My problem is that others assume that we all check our email 24/7. In my mind the modern equivalent of that phone call is text messaging. You want me to call you later, text message me. You want to remind me of our coffee date at 1 PM, text message me. You want to confirm the time for the conference call today, text message me. In this day and age, I think it is unwise to assume someone will always be checking email (despite the fact that we can get it on any device we have including our smart watch) and you should always send a text message at least as back-up to make sure the person knows what he/she needs to. Heck, sometimes my text message says "Sent you an email, please look at it."