113 years

I am sitting at my desk and just spent time looking at the Kippas on my desk. There is stack of three left over from Sylvie's Bat Mitzvah. I just decided that if I live to 113, I will have another Bat Mitzvah. Just like my daughter, I had one at 13. I feel a suitable way to celebrate turing 113 is to have another one. I may however at that age, need someone to chant the Torah for me. I just finished reading the autobiography of Sam Walton and one of his 10 rules is to celebrate success. I think turing 113 is a success that should be celebrated. In fact well before I turn 113, I have already planned to listen to opera at the Sydney Opera House for my 50th birthday. I have been told that I should thank G-d every morning for giving me another day, so I plan for mybirthday this year (number 46) to have a thank you party for turning another year older. I am not sure what this party will look like, I just know that I will be proud of being another year older.