Yoga + Daughter=?

Today at Yoga class, Evelena, the instructor, kept talking about self care and the importance of it. My mother's day gift from Sylvie was a self care kit that contains an eye mask, face mask, earplugs and and a sleep mask. She knows me well. The two got me thinking about my self care. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week as evidenced by my FB check-ins, yoga once-a-week and eat healthy (Thanks, Chef Sean). So I take good care of my body physically, but what about mentally?  For those of us that partake of therapy, is it enough? The answer for me is no. I have gone back to writing in my journal. I did it pretty regularly for over a year and then just stopped. Since I am naturally thinker, I thought on it and decided to change up what I wrote. Now I write three things from the day that I am grateful for and one thing to do for tomorrow. To help me get back into the grove, I printed out a habit tracker (yes, this exists) and wrote in journal as one of the items to track. Over the next several weeks, I'll see if my journaling is adding to the self care of my mental body. With mother's day just passed, I am reminded that through out history mothers have taken care of themselves last and we as mothers have to remember to more often than not put ourselves first.