The magic in parenting

Today I was a negotiator. I managed to broker a deal between my teenage daughter, her grandmother (my mom) and her dad (we are divorced), so she would still have dinner with them and still have time with her friends. I was also a therapist,hen I got my daughter to open up as to why she wanted to be with her friends and not her family. I was also a a judge when I punished her for breaking plans last minute and a cop for hauling her to the carpet on this. When, I relayed this story to my boyfriend, he told me it was magic. I have decided to write a parenting book titled "Parenting with Magic: How to negotiate with your teen." However, I have never written the time management book I said I wanted to write. If I don't start either soon, my daughter may have long gone her teenage years, when I get to parenting book. Well, maybe I'll be an author in my next life. For now, I'll stick to writing my blog.