Learned my lesson

I finally sat down and went through a stack of financial statements and bills. I admit that even I, a personal productivity trainer, allow papers to pile up. Not a practice what I preach moment. The statements and bills were still in their envelopes. I realized at the opening of one envelope that I owed money to the company. These days we do so much online including our banking, paying bills and sending money to people. I went online to my bank account and discovered that I had not set-up a recurring payment as I thought I had. Tomorrow morning I will be calling and sorting this out and have already set-up the recurring payment for the future. I can hear my dad (and my mom) saying, "Mali, you should always pay bills immediately." This translates to checking the bank account online, when the bill arrives. I can picture my late dad glaring at me and all I can say, "I'm sorry and I should have paid more attention to you when you gardened." (My backyard is a topic for another blog post.)