I coined a new phrase

"Productive Procrastination"

That's right. My coach asked me to a do a business plan for our session today—a straightforward business plan with financials that was succinct, to the point and short in pages. I did it yesterday at 5 PM and was done in about 45 minutes. The rest of the day before this, I cleaned out the coat closet, put away packed items into the new sideboard in my front hall room, washed dishes, folded clean laundry, not to mention, attended a networking breakfast meeting. So all in all I was productive yesterday. Yet, I was avoiding doing the business plan. Heck, I already have business plan from 2012 and just needed to edit it down and update it. What gives?! Simple, my daughter is at sleep away camp for two weeks making it a perfect time to clean her closet (the contents of the closet floor was enough for a load of laundry) and the rest of the house. Working on my business became back burner cooking for the time being. Well, I got the business plan done, but still need to do my social media marketing hour for the week Oh well!