Tiny House Mentality

Last week I woke up and a question popped into my head, "what if I had a tiny house and could only have 10 books. Which 10 would I take?" So today I set out to go through my books. Phase 1 was the 10 books, which turned out to be only 9. Phase 2 was what books should I keep for my business. Phase 3 was what books would be hard to replace or have sentimental value. Now, I have 4+ file boxes of books to unload. My art history professor (name long forgotten) would be proud that the book on the Basilica de San Paolo made it into the nine considering I wrote a paper on how it was the ugliest church I had been in, which is its charm. My maternal grandmother would be proud that the Edward Lear poetry books made the cut and sit next to my Shel Silverstein books (Mr. Lear is considered the British equivalent of Mr. Silverstein). Fun fact, I wrote a paper for 10th grade poetry on Mr. Lear.  What's next on my tiny house mentality clean out? Definitely not my antique and vintage cookbook collection which was exempted from today and future clean outs.