THM #3

First it was Tiny House Mentality, then TH Mentality and now just THM. Sounds like a disease. "Life lately has been difficult, since I have THM and it effects my brain." Luckily it doesn't effect my feet, since I organized my shoes yesterday. My daughter was doing hers, so I did mine too. I thought about the "What 10 couldn't I live without?" and decided that was too many for a tiny house. So I choose five—black flats, black heels, black boots, black sandals and workout sneakers (see a pattern?!). Then I removed shoes I haven't worn all year. I got down to filling two hanging shoe bags 3/4 full, not including two pairs of speciality shoes—formal sandals and the dyed to match shoes for my wedding (even thought I am divorced I am holding on to them and the dress). I separate heels and flats from sandals. You know, winter wardrobe and summer wardrobe.  At some point I should go through my wardrobes and whittle them down too. To be honest, I am glad that I have THM, it is forcing me to pare down and realize what material items are truly meaningful and necessary.