Is it stale?

No, I am not referring to food. But if you need to know, then check out I am doing a Thyroid reboot, since I have Hypothyroidism. I am doing it with my friend and health coach, Marie. As part of the reboot (giving up grains, eating seed mixes and journaling), we have a once a week phone call. In this week’s call, she asked me how often I would go to the gym and I answered three times. This surprised me because it has been weeks since I visited my gym. No surprise here, I have yet to go. This got me thinking about why I am not going. Is it that I am tired of going to the gym? I belong to a single location of a YMCA. Is is that I am tired of my workout? I walk the treadmill or do the elliptical for 20 minutes, lift weights, walk the track for 20 minutes and then stretch. Is is that I would like equipment at home to work out when I want? I am considering getting a max climber or a least asking for it as a holiday gift to pair with my yoga paraphaeralia and weights. First thought, it is all of the above. I have been walking in a nearby park, but with all the rain this has been hard. So the most important question…My exercise routine is stale, so what can I do to freshen it up?