A circle of people

The other day I watched a TedX talk on YouTube about how 5 people can make you happy. It was about types of people and not specific people. Although some of us would like to believe that we could be happy if we are friends with Beyonce, Lady Gaga or in my case, Mark Harmon. The 5 types are:

  1. Cheerleader— supports you no matter what

  2. Coach— can pull you our of your comfort zone

  3. Mentor—guides you where you need to go

  4. Colleague— someone with whom you can talk business

  5. Friend—there to listen, provide a shoulder to cry on and share amazing times together

After watching the video, I quickly surveyed all my friends and family to find my five. It was a great exercise especially when my “friend” told me he was honored to be considered as such. Lately, my teenage daughter has been having a rough time with the social scene (like so many teens do). So I applied the 5 to her life. Wouldn’t you know it—we have the same cheerleader, my mom/her grandmother. At dinner that night I talked to her about the video and who her five are. The first three were easy (and yes, I’m her mentor). As to number 4 and 5, I explained #4 as being a friend you can talk about teenage social issues, homework and school drama and #5 as her best (and true) friend. She has both. She got it and I think immediately felt like she had a circle of people to help her and ensure that she grows into a beautiful, kind and smart young woman. In my opinion she is already on this path and we her five are along to help when needed and enjoy the journey with her.

TedX Video