Kids and Money

No to toot my own horn, but I feel that I have done a good job teaching my daughter the value of a dollar. She has learned to be sure she is going to wear an item of clothing before she buys it. She is good at staying within the money she is allowed for clothes buying for fall/winter and spring/summer. Despite this we still had a money fight this week. She wants Hulu. I said the money wasn’t there and she told me to close up my business and get a job. There was a miscommunication. I meant there wasn’t money in the household budget. While she is good about money with her clothes buying, she isn’t good at the big picture—cash flow, expenditures and income., basically the money needed to run our household. So before I fail at this, I told her we would review the household budget this weekend and see where we could trim money to pay for Hulu. Since schools don’t teach this, it is important for parents to do so. It is my job to make sure she grows up to be responsible with money as an adult and understand living within her means.