The scale

I was told many years ago that your shouldn’t step on the scale everyday. This meant you were obsessed with your weight. In fact when my mom was doing it, my older sister and I prevailed on her to stop. I recently started a new nutrition program. As part of the program you weigh yourself every day. I thought this can’t be right; that’s not healthy to do. My friend, Marie, who introduced me to the program , explained that it was a tracking method. That is when you gain 2 lbs. from one day to the next you can review what you ate, like a cheese danish, and learn better food habits. Wait, it’s a tracking method. Now I weight myself everyday and use it to help me understand my food choices. I am not in my head about gaining 2 lbs. from one day to the next, I am in my head reviewing my food choices and seeing the effects of my emotional eating. Yes, I know I am an emotional eater and have worked and continue to work on this. With this scale tracking method, I am able to see the emotional eating and deal with my emotions rather than stand in the kitchen and eat granola right out of the bag. Two things I have to say, “Sorry, Mom!” and “Thanks, Marie.”