Q. How do you meet my needs?

A. I tailor my program to the needs of my client making sure the goals they are working on and the techniques and skills they are learning meet the issue(s) they are working on to better their productivity and their life.


Q. Why is your program 6 months?

A. I chose to do my program as 6 months to allow enough time for my clients to see progress and accomplishments and deal with roadblocks.


Q. What do people get from working with you?

A. From working with me people get a set of skills that they can use for the rest of their working and personal lives, even into retirement.


Q. How do you meet with clients?

A. I meet clients in person (NYC) or via video because I feel this is important part of getting to know my clients, which helps me work better with them.


Q. When do you meet with clients?

A. I meet with clients at their convenience, even on weekends, if necessary and barring the middle of night.


Q. Do you provide supplemental material?

A. At each session I provide handouts on the material covered and give homework, to ensure that my client understands the material covered and how to apply it to their life.


Q. How can I learn how you have worked with other clients?

A. Please see the testimonial page of the site.


Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes, I work with each client to develop a plan that works with his/her budget.