There are 168 Hours in a Week,

How Will You Use Them?


Mission Statement

My work is all about finding you the right set of tools so that you can live a balanced life -  to get done what you want to get done, yet also have time to fulfill yourself.  

But there are questions.  How do you know just what is your most important goal?  You have many competing obligations.  And what exactly does it mean to fulfill yourself?  

It’s about discovery, discovery that I do with you and discovery that you do yourself.  But discovery comes about with exploration.  And exploration typically requires some kind of guide.  A good guide not only leads you to a destination, they show you things along the way that you didn’t expect, which may lead you in a different direction.  I call this adventure:

Lucky 7: A Program to take Control of Your Life

And that’s where the story begins.


How we work

Step one

If the end goal is clarity of purpose in your life, then we must start with that very question, what is your purpose?  What are you trying to achieve?  What do you want to happen?  What is your definition of success?  (While we all ponder the reason we’re on the planet, in Step 1, I’m looking for down-to-earth, practical goals.)

Here, I will walk you through an exercise that gets you to identify the varying forces affecting your life, so that your primary and secondary purposes are revealed.


For Instance:  I’ve worked with older individuals nearing or in retirement to set a schedule that keep them active and vibrant – so they don’t fall prey to boredom.


STep Two

I want you to think big, to think in the long term, so in this step I ask you to complete a Five-Year Plan.  

Now five years IS a long time to think ahead; after all, there are so many uncertainties in life.  That may be true, yet when approached in categories, it can be done. 

Taking from what we learned in Step 1, I will work with you to identify the categories your “purposes” represent.   We will then breakdown these categories in priority order.  Your life may NOT be as we imagine it will be in five years’ time, but the process will reveal valuable information that we can use to get you close.


For Instance:  I’ve worked with couples to help them align their goals so they are on the same page, so they now have one or two fewer issues to cause stress and/or tension in their partnership.


STEP Three

OK, once we’ve given you a destination for five years from now, we must set a Current Year Plan. In this step, you’re coming back down to earth and translating your purpose and long-term goals into manageable pieces.  I do this because you may feel a bit overwhelmed at this point so I introduce a series actions to encourage you to continue.  

It’s using what I call the Five R’s that lead to change

R # 1 - Rev Up! Means to get your juices flowing; get yourself in the game, committing yourself do whatever it takes to make you excited to make your resolution to change come to fruition.

R # 2 - Research - research what it will take to complete this resolution and then develop a plan of action so you can tackle it head on.

R # 3 - Rapid Fire - get moving through your plan and check things off as you go and to keep moving ahead

R # 4 – Resolve – stay focused on the goal (resolution) and keep yourself Revved Up!

R # 5 – Resolute - stick with the plan no matter what and make sure you have a plan in case you slip up. 

For Instance:  I’ve worked with entrepreneurs to help them get control of their work/life balance so they have time to network and build relationships



The Five R’s lead to Goal Mapping, or breaking down those goals into actionable tasks so they can be completed one at a time.

We then we discuss the use of Check Lists, which “list” the tasks in an order needed to achieve your goals.

Goal Mapping and Check Lists are what I use to create Accountability, so you keep up your motivation to ensure goal achievement.  Let’s face it, most people need someone to keep them on task, so I teach you how to be accountable to your list.


For Instance:  I’ve worked with single Moms to develop a long-range plan, so they remember to take care of themselves as well as their children.


STEP five

Here, I introduce other devices that can be employed to keep you on track.  These are the To-do list, Calendar and Schedule.  In my program, this means incorporating your schedule and calendar INTO your to-do-list. I use these devices to make sure that the tasks actually get done, NOT a list of all the things you could do. I do this to reinforce your need to prepare, plan and prioritize. 


For Instance:  I’ve worked with whole families to manage all their schedules so all their sports uniforms are washed between games and musical instruments don’t get left at home.



STEP six

According to a habit is an acquired behavior pattern that is regularly followed until it has almost become involuntary; Customary practice or use; Prevailing character of quality; A dominant or regular disposition or tendency.

All of us have habits that are self-taught mechanisms so we are consistent in our behavior, both personally and professionally.  And as we all know some habits can be good reminders of how to get a job or task done, they can also be the unfortunate cause of actions that prevent us from doing what’s in our best interest and to accomplish our goals.  So, in this step, we work on Habit Formation by performing exercises that identify the good, the bad and the bridge between the two kinds of habits.  


For instance, I’ve worked with lawyers (and other independent professional service providers) to help them develop the habit with recording their billable hours on a daily basis so they can invoice clients in a timely manner.



STEP Seven

In this final step, done at the conclusion of the Program, we produce a Short Range Plan, that is an outline of what you will be doing in the next 6 months.  

It is also a wrap-up of all your work to date including your Current Year and Five Year Plan.  This is an exercise that helps you picture the future and see it clearly so you that you understand what needs to be done to stay on track.


For Instance:  I’ve worked with twenty and thirty-somethings to plan ahead for the next five to ten years, so they have a clear view of their relationship, their finances and their careers


No doubt, you’re now thinking about how much time will be necessary to complete all seven steps and what will it cost.  


The Lucky 7 Program is a thorough and detailed approach that will give you the tools to take charge of your life, to gain a sense of accomplishment and to leave you with knowledge and methods to use well into the future.

Think about that.  Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve completed the Program.  Stronger, clearer and hopeful.  

Who among us would not love to feel this way?

To cover all the material, you will work directly with me for seven months. We will meet for 7, 60-minute sessions over the seven-month period.  You may be thinking that this is a big commitment, yet it is one that will you value and appreciate for years to come.  

For all of this knowledge and practical applications, I am charging $3,500.  When you think about it, it’s a great price to get so much.  

You’ll be getting a Private Coach who will focus on just you, so you get all the attention you need to get your life in order. You’ll be doing all this work in a confidential setting where you can be honest and open so you can get to the heart of the issue.

Before you start calculating the value of the program, consider all the time you’ve wasted trying to achieve your goals.  Rather than spending lots of money on generic self-help books, Bringing You Home is only about you and your needs.  Remember the old saying, “Time is money.”  With my program you’ll turn that time INTO money.

If for any reason, the price is too much for you to pay at one time, I offer payment plans to accommodate any budget

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It’s all about: Who I Work With


I work with a variety of clients helping them to have a more doable work/life balance so they can love life happier, healthier and with less stress. Below are details about clients groups I work with. 

I work with families with multiple incomes, some work travel, and several extracurricular activities for each child in the home. These families feel frantic, exhausted and overworked. Their eating habits are bad, family time is non-existent and they lack meaningful relationships (sometimes this includes their partner).

For example, I worked with a couple, where each ran their own business. I got them to see that in order to have the possibility of financial security in the future, the wife needed to devote her work time to her business and not help her husband in his. Even though this meant he had to take on more responsibility in his business, it still allowed for family time with their daughter.

I work with single parents with a single income, several extracurricular activities for each child in the home and they are handling custody agreements/visitation schedules. These parents feel overwhelmed with responsibility, sadness and exhaustion and have little to no time to themselves.

For example I worked with a mom who ran her own business and had 3 sons. We developed a nighttime routine with each son, so she could have quality time every day with each one.

I work with older adults as well as those in or nearing retirement or those nearing retirement. These individuals are living on a fixed income in their own home and have two or fewer hobbies/special interests. They are bored, sad and experience lack of activity and meaning in life. They are yearning for more.

For example, I worked with an older woman, who is still working and doesn’t want to stop yet. We developed a schedule that gave her ample time to exercise and one afternoon a week to be with her granddaughter. 

I work with independent business owners and professionals (such as lawyers, accountant, graphic designers, chiropractors, etc.) who are business focused and therefore work long hours, fall behind on their work, miss deadlines and hone in on the details. These business people feel burned out, frazzled, messy, unfocused, un healthy and are not getting enough sleep.

For example, I worked with a lawyer helping him create and understand the different methods he could use to track the hours spent on each client’s work. This way he can invoice and get paid in a timely manner. Also, I worked with a graphic designer that wasn’t getting invoices out promptly. He had brought his wife into the business and since she had a bookkeeping background he asked her to handle the books and invoices. Now he can focus on client work and still get paid promptly.


This list is by no means complete. So if you are interested in living live happier, healthier and with less stress please contact me today


Thank you Mali, you really helped us flesh out how our week is going to look like and what direction we are going.
— Ran I.
Working with you was a very pleasant and easy experience. The value in helping us focus on preplanning has helped us not get totally untracked when life happens.
— Rick P.

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