Seven is a lucky number. According to, “For ‘lucky 7’ is the world’s favourite number. There are seven days of the week, seven colours of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents. Snow White ran off to live with seven dwarves, there were seven brides for seven brothers, Shakespeare described the seven ages of man, Sinbad the Sailor had seven voyages. And when Ian Fleming was looking for a code for James Bond, he didn’t go for 006 or 008. Only 007 had the right ring.“

7 Steps, 7 sessions, 7 Months.


If the end goal is clarity of purpose in your life, then we must start with that very question, what is your purpose?  What are you trying to achieve?  What do you want to happen?  What is your definition of success?  (While we all ponder the reason we’re on the planet, in Step 1, I’m looking for down-to-earth, practical goals.)

Here, I will walk you through an exercise that gets you to identify the varying forces affecting your life, so that your primary and secondary purposes are revealed.


I want you to think big, to think in the long term, so in this step I ask you to complete a Five-Year Plan.  

Now five years IS a long time to think ahead; after all, there are so many uncertainties in life.  That may be true, yet when approached in categories, it can be done. 

Taking from what we learned in Step 1, I will work with you to identify the categories your “purposes” represent.   We will then breakdown these categories in priority order.  Your life may NOT be as we imagine it will be in five years’ time, but the process will reveal valuable information that we can use to get you close. 


The Five R’s lead to Goal Mapping, or breaking down those goals into actionable tasks so they can be completed one at a time.

We then we discuss the use of Check Lists, which “list” the tasks in an order needed to achieve your goals.

Goal Mapping and Check Lists are what I use to create Accountability, so you keep up your motivation to ensure goal achievement.  Let’s face it, most people need someone to keep them on task, so I teach you how to be accountable to your list. 


OK, once we’ve given you a destination for five years from now, we must set a Current Year Plan. In this step, you’re coming back down to earth and translating your purpose and long-term goals into manageable pieces.  I do this because you may feel a bit overwhelmed at this point so I introduce a series actions to encourage you to continue.  

It’s using what I call the Five R’s that lead to change

R # 1 - Rev Up! Means to get your juices flowing; get yourself in the game, committing yourself do whatever it takes to make you excited to make your resolution to change come to fruition.

R # 2 - Research - research what it will take to complete this resolution and then develop a plan of action so you can tackle it head on.

R # 3 - Rapid Fire - get moving through your plan and check things off as you go and to keep moving ahead

R # 4 – Resolve – stay focused on the goal (resolution) and keep yourself Revved Up!

R # 5 – Resolute - stick with the plan no matter what and make sure you have a plan in case you slip up.


Here, I introduce other devices that can be employed to keep you on track.  These are the To-do list, Calendar and Schedule.  In my program, this means incorporating your schedule and calendar INTO your to-do-list. I use these devices to make sure that the tasks actually get done, NOT a list of all the things you could do. I do this to reinforce your need to prepare, plan and prioritize.  


According to a habit is an acquired behavior pattern that is regularly followed until it has almost become involuntary; Customary practice or use; Prevailing character of quality; A dominant or regular disposition or tendency.

All of us have habits that are self-taught mechanisms so we are consistent in our behavior, both personally and professionally.  And as we all know some habits can be good reminders of how to get a job or task done, they can also be the unfortunate cause of actions that prevent us from doing what’s in our best interest and to accomplish our goals.  So, in this step, we work on Habit Formation by performing exercises that identify the good, the bad and the bridge between the two kinds of habits.   


In this final step, done at the conclusion of the Program, we produce a Short Range Plan, that is an outline of what you will be doing in the next 6 months.  

It is also a wrap-up of all your work to date including your Current Year and Five Year Plan.  This is an exercise that helps you picture the future and see it clearly so you that you understand what needs to be done to stay on track.

No doubt, you’re now thinking about how much time will be necessary to complete all seven steps and what will it cost.  

The Lucky 7 Plan is a thorough and detailed approach that will give you the tools to take charge of your life, to gain a sense of accomplishment and to leave you with knowledge and methods to use well into the future.

Think about that.  Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve completed the Program— stronger, clearer and hopeful.  

Who among us would not love to feel this way?

To cover all the material, you will work directly with me for seven months in person, via video chat or phone call. We will meet for 7, 60-minute sessions over the seven-month period. You may be thinking that this is a big commitment, yet it is one that will reap rewards for years to come.  

For all of this knowledge and practical applications, I am charging $1400.  When you think about it, it’s a great price to get so much.  


You’ll be getting a Private Coach who will focus on just you, so you get all the attention you need to get your life in order. You’ll be doing all this work in a confidential setting where you can be honest and open so you can get to the heart of the issue.

Consider all the time you’ve wasted trying to achieve your goals. And think that for $499 you can change this. Heck learning how to achieve your goals is worth well more than $499. Rather, you could spend $499 on generic self-help books. The Lucky 7 Program is only about you and your needs, definitely not generic.  Remember the old saying, “Time is money.”  With my program you’ll turn time INTO money.

It all starts with a 20-minute phone call to assess your needs and from there I tailor the program to you.

If you want to get your life on track, please send me an email:

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