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My Mission

My work is all about finding you the right set of tools so that you can live a balanced life -  to get done what you want to get done, yet also have time to fulfill yourself. 


It’s about discovery, discovery that I do with you and discovery that you do yourself.  But discovery comes about with exploration.  And exploration typically requires some kind of guide.  A good guide not only leads you to a destination, they show you things along the way that you didn’t expect, which may lead you in a different direction.  I call this adventure:


It’s using what I call the Five R’s that lead to change.”

Mali List Mayer  |  Founder


My Story

On a summer program after 10th grade, we were told to read How to Study in College by Walter Pauk.  I soaked up every word in the book and have since then used the Cornell Method to take notes and review all materials before and after meetings (then classes). Because of this book, I became the go-to person for class notes, assignments and any other material my fellow classmates didn’t have (Hooky, anyone?) or had lost. I was voted “most organized” by my classmates in our 12th grade yearbook.



See What People Have To Say About My Program

Working with Mali to reorganize my priorities and my daily/weekly schedule was both fun and VERY HELPFUL! She has a keen eye for sorting out my confused schedule and a fine sense of reality and humor for helping me recognize (and re-order) my activities. I’ve got swimming back in my life!
— Bobye L
Mali is a highly organized person who has amazing tips and tricks for organizing individuals and families. Mali gives clients a complementary consultation to help identify your goals and ambitions for a “dream life”. She then customizes a program for you to goal map and achieve your best life! I look forward to working with her now that school is back in session to get my family organized before the arrival of our second baby.
— Marie I
In today’s fast paced world, it’s a challenge to juggle work, family and personal time. This is especially true if you run your own practice (as I do) and also raise a family with two small children. Managing time to care for yourself amidst all the chaos seems almost impossible. This is why Mali’s services are so essential. Having a personal productivity coach to help me manage my time more efficiently helps reduce stress levels significantly! I highly recommend Mali Mayer!
— Lara K

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